Reykjavik, the gorgeous capital of Iceland, surely offers so much to discover, yet Steed Lord is no secret that this stylish city has to conceal following a successful breakthrough and all the way down to Los Angeles since they are now quite well-known. What makes them special is the unique sense of style that they possess. Expressing themselves not only as musicians, but also as filmmakers, fashion designers and independent artists, these three creative individuals keep amazing and pleasing their audience each time with all that impressive work that they create.

Let them promote their new single, “Precognition” for the being while we enjoy the short film, “Transform” with Mega on the director’s chair –starring the rest of the band, Demo and Kali. Styling, hair and make-up credits go to Kali while the soundtrack bears Demo’s signature. This impressive short on parallel universes and simultaneity is definitely a must-see. “Transform” is a perfect chance to meet Steed Lord if you still haven’t got to know them yet. Oh, and did we mention they had designed a special collection for H&M as well?

Words / Bugu Melis Caglayan

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