What is multitasking to a musician? And how many pieces could someone actually be torn into within the boundaries of any physical realm? Here we have Tomas Barfod, making us question that over and over again being constantly amazed at what he comes up with. Creating wonders on drums with WhoMadeWho, Barfod has already managed to conquer hearts with the DJ’ing project Superbacon that he did with one of our favorites, fellow Dane Kasper Bjørke and the live project Filur -yet another collaboration with Bjørke.

It seems like Barfod hasn’t been satisfied with all that since he went ahead and released his solo debut, “Salton Sea”. Named after a saltwater lake on California’s San Andreas Fault under LA’s Friends of Friends, the album traces Barfod’s alter ego that had yet to be revealed until now. The 12-track album has an almost-even distribution between instrumental songs and those with vocals. Among the mesmerizing sounds of the “Salton Sea” are New York’s Lydia Ainsworth, Sweden’s Nina Kinert and WhoMadeWho’s very own Jeppe Kjellberg, who also starred in the album’s first single, “Broken Glass”. Make sure to check out the dark and juxtaposing eighth track, “November Skies”; featuring the vocals of Nina Kert along with deep and textured synth lines.


Words / Bugu Melis Caglayan

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