Running into Zhala’s awesome video and making some research about her, we couldn’t help but think, “Was Lykke Li a band?” One could actually list several similar cases that have created major mind-fuck on the audience. Take Sade for instance; it’s both the band’s and the singer’s name, or Bon Iver; we personally still have trouble perceiving them as a band. Anyways, let’s not lose the main point here since we want to talk about Zhala, and of course we know Lykke Li is not a band; all that fuss is nothing but merely a few confused blog articles.


The Swedish Zhala toured all around Europe and America as the back vocal of Lykke Li, and -fortunately- had some time to develop her own solo project and work on it in the meantime. “Slippin Around” by Zhala is by far the best song/video of recent times. Her guide map is based on skillfully blending her unique style with the recently popular visual and sonic trends. Topped with tribal patterns and psychedelia under the direction of Makode Linde, the video is a sensational indicator of what Zhala’s going to be doing in the days to come.

Words / Bugu Melis Caglayan

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