The Australian clothing line Black Milk is a figment of the imagination of James Lillis, who’s got in this business following a series of happenstances. Lillis was just going over various scenarios to break himself out of the penniless and totally-unoccupied state that he was in years ago when he ran into shiny, lycra, dancing legging fabrics. He came up with his very first own leggings after applying different prints and a random needlework, and it all starts with a friend wanting to buy those right then and there.

Completely committed to the creation of Black Milk from that point on, Lillis has so far become the one and only producer of the coolest leggings ever. To tell the truth, we have to admit that Black Milk is somehow underrated; designs with prints that are so much in line with current style trends should have already been everywhere. Does that make us sad? Of course not; we are more than happy to keep Black Milk as our dirty little secret.

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Leggings are not the only Black Milk product, yet the brand’s signature is the “Galaxy Leggings” which has turned into an object of desire. And make sure to check out swimsuits that feature some pretty rad textures and prints. P.S. Yes, the fabric is not top-notch –one could even go ahead and say that Lillis’ got stuck with the “shiny dancing lycra” quality. Yet the designs and colors are exactly what they seem to be; so make sure you know what to expect, and you won’t be disappointed with Black Milk.

Words / Bugu Melis Caglayan

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