LA-based electro-trio The Glitch Mob, is way beyond genres and the traditional definitions that we are all used to. They continuously amaze us with their intricate sound, and obviously we are not the only ones to be dazzled with their haunting tunes.

How did The Glitch Mob start at the very first place?
We all started as friends with a similar passion for music. We were playing the same parties on the West Coast, and that led us to playing in the same rooms and back to back time slots. We eventually decided to tag team as DJ’s, which led us to perform our original music together. All of that has led us to finally write music together which we now perform as a group. It was a logical progression.

Although it is a debatable issue, people tend to label music with strict genres –and even sub–genres; glitch, minimal, heavy metal, idm, shoegaze, etc. What I hear in your music is impossible to limit with the boundaries of one single genre. Do you agree with that or do you see yourself within a specific genre?
We don’t look at our music in terms of genres. To us, we’re just making music. We think genre’s help people to identify or better understand what music means to them. For that reason, we never try to predetermine what our music means to people. People have called our music glitch, dubstep, electronic rock, electro, psych rock, and the list goes on. We don’t necessarily feel that our music falls into any of those specific genres. However, if that’s what our music means to people, we think it’s great that people have a way to identify with our music, and we don’t want to take that away from them.

You are not signed to a label; which means that you produce your own music and hold the strings in your own hands. Does this have something to contribute to the genuine style of The Glitch Mob?
I’m not sure how the album would have turned out if it was released on a different label. It’s tough to say. We’re not signed, so we don’t know. Record labels still work in this age; it just depends on the kind of artist. Look at The XX. That’s a great example of a label using their resources to promote a fantastic band that literally came out of nowhere. However, it’s been really great to release music on our own and have full creative control over what we do. We can also have control over how we want to present our music to our fans. Those are all important things.

Does technology itself shape your sound or do you shape the technology with the direction of your music?
We are big into music technology. We are constantly up on all of the new plug-ins and software that drop on a regular basis. For us, a big part of our sound is trying to create something timeless with music technology that has an obvious time stamp on it. We try to achieve a classic sound, however our tool set is very modern. It’s a big challenge, but we spend a lot of time crafting our sound and we take pride in it.

Los Angeles music trio The Glitch Mob.

Photo Credit: Neil Krug

In your live performances, you are known to create a complete experience; both visual and sonic. How do you manage to do that?
It all boils down to us just trying to put on the best possible show with what we have. We love our fans and we want to give them all we’ve got every time we hit the stage. We put a lot of thought into our live show. We are a touring act and the live show is arguably the most important aspect of The Glitch Mob experience. We have spent a lot of time and effort designing our show. We’re big into the idea of community and including the fans into the world of The Glitch Mob. These bigger ideas lead us to do things like tilting our Lemurs to the audience so they can see how we perform our music. This kind of transparency is part of the bigger picture of immersing the fans into show.

Words / Bugu Melis Caglayan

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