“It all started as a joke, but it became real“ says Yvonne, one of the partners of Ibizan concept store Sluiz, in the middle of a passionate conversation about the brief history of the place. Sluiz is one of these places where you can actually see this passion and excitement, turning out to be a great success in such short notice. From day one, the whole philosophy of Sluiz is about changing the shopping habits of the island; which is more or less based on the so-called glamorous pieces from brands like Versace, D&G and, unfortunately, Ed Hardy. In other words, it is hard to ignore the necessity of such concept in the island.


Selling a great variety of European designers along with vintage furniture that comes alive with their special touch, Sluiz opened their massive store in Santa Gertudis, literally right in the middle of Ibiza, and created such spaces that people can chill out and grab a bite along with the boutique section. You can also take a look at their goodies, and even shop, online.

Carrer d’Eivissa, 7
Sant Jordi de Ses Salines
Ibiza, Spain

Words / Bugu Melis Caglayan

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