Platforms are in –that should come as no surprise this season, not even for men. But these super casual, extremely chic platforms that Copenhagen’s own Stine Goya features in her lookbook SS 2012 exhibit the top stylish level that the long-popular oxfords can go.


Among the highlights of Goya’s designs are surely not only the shoes. Chic pieces of typical Scandinavian simplicity and semi-pastel, vivid colors stand out for unique elegance that is suitable for both daytime and nighttime. To tell the truth, it’s not only this specific collection but Stine Goya’s whole career –something we were quite pleased to study in depth– that is decorated with innumerous objects of desire. Haven’t heard of this ascending star of the European fashion scene so far? Well, don’t wait up to discover her magnificent world until a couple years when Goya’s designs will be worth a small fortune.






Words / Bugu Melis Caglayan

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