With a hustle to photograph beauty at its simplest, Milan-based photographer Sha Ribeiro reflects the relation between sub-culture and music through a vague perspective. Particularly popular for an inextinguishable passion for portraits, the artist fascinates his audience with a raw point of view although that is barely a mere coincidence. It was through graffiti that Ribeiro was introduced to photography; maybe that’s one of the reasons why he admires the street culture so much.



Frequently featured in counterculture publications like Vice, Sha Ribeiro currently lures the audience with the “Greed” series starring rats. Having chosen a self-explanatory name for the series, Ribeiro admits to having a hard time working with the rats, and the whole process worried her girlfriend to some extend. Yet it goes without question that it was worth it; the final frames constitute splendid examples of cheap and raw sophistication. View the frames for more than five minutes and you’ll find yourself integrated in an identification process where you are one those very rats.




Words / Cem Kaan Gundogar

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