Young talents who boldly choose to try new materials instead of following paths that others have already laid before them should be appreciated. And when you have something that goes beyond a mere, experimental art school project, then it means that the artist deserves some close attention and a review of his works, over and over again. Among the deserving latter is the Barcelona-based French artist and designer Aurélien Juner.

aurelian-juner-magazine-cover-art-81 aurelian-juner-magazine-cover-art-7

His unique style recreates the main motivations behind the society’s consumption patterns like Vogue, i-D and Elle, destroying the only function of a magazine -its readability- to turn them into works of art. Self-proclaimed revealer of the so-called hidden agendas of the magazines, Junner tears covers to pieces at times or applies different materials at others to create these modern-day wonders.

aurelian-juner-magazine-cover-art-4 aurelian-juner-magazine-cover-art-2


Words / Su Sonia Herring

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