Although it may seem like a hipster attempt to (re)interpret pornography, we somehow believe that Baron Magazine is something way beyond that. Self-positioned on vague coordinates -an indistinct line between art and porn-, Jonathan Baron the creator of the magazine describes it as a more creative version of pornography. “The Erotic Paperback Magazine” is the official tagline of Baron Magazine, yet it is still so hard to describe what it actually is -along with what it isn’t.


Baron Magazine’s first cover -an issue revolving around the theme Alla Carta.

Baron Magazine could be deemed both justifiable and overdone as a reaction following a time of total sexual suppression including gender identities; frames by Terry Richardson all over and Lady Gaga stage shows openly celebrate eroticism which has become a twofaced part of our daily lives -and that is well appreciated by us among many others! Baron Magazine is available at Colette and Dover Street Market. London and Paris seem too far? Then let’s be thankful for the internet since the magazine is available online, as well.


Words / Bugu Melis Caglayan

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