Located on River Spree and facing Kreuzberg, this unusual edifice is called nHow Berlin, the luxurious, comfy and extremely creative hotel of Berlin. Having two hotels in Milano and Berlin along with a prospective one to meet guests in a different European city -as the rumor has it-, nHow chain hotels care the most about aesthetics and art. So much that each nHow hotel has its own color and theme. Surrounded by pink on all sides, nHow the music hotel has 24 hours of music on air, free guitars served to your room and two flawless studios, and it’s quite popular among musicians as its name stands. Product of Sergei Tchoban, the interiors and exteriors bear occasional, futuristic influences –completely inspiring. This first music hotel of Europe includes 304 rooms which are either covered in blue or pink depending on the wing in which they are located. More than half of the rooms at nHow Berlin have the charming River Spree view.



Photo Credit: Olivier Nowak

Photo Credit: Olivier Nowak

nHow Berlin
Stralauer Allee 3
Berlin, Germany

Words / Bugu Melis Caglayan

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