Founded in 1986, Videotage opened its doors with the formation of an art collective that is just as strange as itself. Featuring IT experts on top of artists and curators, the collective has focused on new media art all along. Quite interestingly, openings at Videotage still attract a relatively small crowd which usually consists of local artists, students and foreigners although the place has long been there in the Hong Kong art scene as one of the finest galleries in town -according to reliable sources.


Located at Cattle Depot, a former slaughterhouse, Videotage also stands out for experimental music jam sessions as a tribute to the Hong Kong underground music scene on top of their innovative shows. These sessions are sometimes followed by musicians getting together with the audience to talk music. The underrated, extremely eccentric art space is waiting to be dlscovered by those from the artsy crowd that happen to be in Hong Kong.

Unit 13, Cattle Depot Artist Village 63
Hong Kong, China

Words / Cem Kaan Gundogar

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