You might have noticed this long ago, but photo embroidery has recently been more and more popular. Italian artist Maurizio Anzeri is yet another successful name to follow this path combining colorful yet complex strings and his boundless creativity with vintage photos. As a matter of fact, works by the successful artist feature a whole lot more than what people think they do as far as layers go since photo embroideries by Anzeri exhibit various techniques along with intertwined elements of the past and the future.



What starts as a habit for collecting old portraits turns into something more serious through an obsession that Anzeri grows in time for the photographed faces. Stepping outside the limits of these very photographs, the artist makes mental objects of the faces that surround his daily environment creating a source of inspiration that is impossible to ignore. Previously exhibited at prestigious art spaces like Saatchi Gallery and Baltic, Anzeri suggests that color choices in his embroideries represent the auras of the characters that he recreates –taking voyeurists on a journey to their emotional, intellectual world to put it another way.



Words / Bugu Melis Caglayan

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