It is extremely hard to be drop-dead stylish on the beach; we definitely do not approve the excessive use of accessories or hairstyles that actually look like as if you have escaped from your best friend’s wedding, so the only solution remaining is to find the utopian swimwear. For those who have yet to have the pleasure, the New York-based designer Mara Hoffman is exclusively focused on original silk prints, women’s swimwear, clothing, shoes and accessories. Having launched her line back in 2000, Hoffman keeps us mesmerized with her 2012 Swimwear collection.


The designer’s subtle skills in patterns go without saying, but one has to admit that any Aztec pattern this year should be perceived as mainstream rather than genius. Yet Hoffman’s collection still stands out among its equivalents with an artful style in the applied effects. Among the very particular highlights are the bikini models that we couldn’t help but get addicted to so obsessively. Quite sophisticated and offbeat even when you take the patterns and colors out of the picture -and definitely not looking freakish while doing all that, the bikinis are, for us, by far the favorite pieces of the collection.




Words / Bugu Melis Caglayan

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