A tattoed model walking down the runway during the daytime, this guy somehow turns into a top-notch fashion designer who is able to create such pieces that would make those whom he work for more than jealous for sure. Istanbul’s very own Kerem Tezgel has no hard time with these two personas and keeps creating his dark, androgenyous and sophisticated collections, a great majority of which features almost hypnotizing patterns. Focusing merely on menswear for now, it is hard to guess where Kerem Tezgel will head next with his boundless creativity.

In his SS 2012 collection entitled “Invocation,” boldly textured pieces are blended with some strangely pleasant tailoring techniques. The modern garments are as striking as the whole, indicating the neverending creativity of Kerem Tezel. Creating a modern man with a sense of style, it is surprising to notice how suitable his pieces are for both runway and daily life. The theme of Invocation is based on some thoughts over religion and god. The designer acknowledges the rest as such: “Religion deforms human like belief does the society. The idea of god emerging out of holy scriptures is childlike, primitive and paradoxical. That is why if the society and the individual are released from it, they will be free. When I personalise the concept of god, I deform the felt effect anyways. God is human. God worships his own existence-lives for himself. My figure represents this modern man whom lives for himself. An allegoric character. You would see the deformed figures of real materials that were used for invocation. islamic zucchetto, oriental shalwar, t-shirts embroidered with Mevlana figures, spiked shoes for whirling and bags.”






Photographer: Onur Doğu
Model: Çağın Türker

Words / Bugu Melis Caglayan

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