We admit it; there is a love and hate relationship going on. Presumably got sick of working on the new releases and decided a dust from the past was what he exactly needed, Kanye West collaborated with SHOWstudio’s Ruth Hogben for the video of “Lost in The World” and could it get any better? Nearly two years after the release of “My Beautiful Twisted Dark Fantasy”, this song is still an underrated hit and features the Grammy winning indie prodigy, Bon Iver. London-based filmmaker Ruth Hogben, whose bailiwick is fashion film, walks in all of a very sudden and takes over the stage with her hypnotizing vision. The video is sublime; it is stylish, it is refined, it is aggressive, somehow effortless and last but not least, still able to reveal Kanye’s visual perspective without transforming it into something else.

Words / Bugu Melis Caglayan

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