“A rather eccentric guy” would be the perfect definition of Jack White. Let’s keep it anonymous, but unlike many “build-up” characters, this one does not require any extra fancy-up or anything else to make him more interesting! The White Stripes announced their break-up in February 2011, and people were eager to see Jack’s solo work even when they were still together. But don’t go wondering why he hasn’t come up with it yet –it’s time, and we are pleased to give you Mr. White and his first solo release, “Blunderbuss”.

An interesting highlight about the album is that White went ahead and collaborated with Columbia Records in “Blunderbuss” although he has his own record label. “We could go ahead put up any release by Third Man Records on iTunes or publish records. But if I want to sell millions and hear my songs on the radio or the TV, I could only achieve that with a long-standing record label like Columbia. I do not care about proving my indie attitude,” is what White had to say on his decision.


P.S. Jack White did casual performances in honor of “Blunderbuss” in London, Paris, New York and Los Angeles. The New York performance on April 27 was transformed into a visual experience directed by Gary Oldman -our oh-so irresistable cinema prodigy and broadcasted on Jack White’s VEVO channel. All bets are on for the performance to be released in DVD by Third Man Records very soon.

Words / Bugu Melis Caglayan

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