Copenhagen-based Sleep With All Your Friends is the next best thing from our favorite label, Fake Diamond Records. Being shaped around the co-workers Morten Bruun and Olivia Rus, the five piece indie-rock band is now ready to release their debut.

What was your first, oh-so-intense interaction with music?
My first concert as a classical guitarist at the age of 12, nervous as hell, and I screwed up constantly. I was never able to read music, I lied it about to my teacher though, and had memorized the melody paths instead. I learned later on that under pressure this would only work partly.

How did you decide to form Sleep With All Your Friends?
It started as a joke -and still is to some extend maybe. We both worked at a restaurant, and kept  slipping notes to each other with small quotes about our co-workers. It eventually became songs when I was later part of a recording studio. And that’s basicly how it still works.

How does your hometown; Copenhagen, inspire you?
Not at all, I think. I’ve been living the last 5 years on a boat outside of Copenhagen, and only enter town for work. The live scene in Copenhagen is very narrow, nobody wants to see a band unless they attend school with them, or have heard them on the radio for 2 years. If anybody picks up a guitar at a bar people will tell him/her to shut up. Sadly.

What is the reason that the live band could not stay together at all?
We were generally not experienced, and we never rehearsed. We also drank a lot, sometimes the drummer would forget parts of his drumkit (100km away) and I would screw up and not bring a backup guitar. One time at a big showcase, I had to ask the audience for a guitar and/or a guitar string at the second song in the set. Our manager and booker was furious. Everything happened too fast too soon, we weren’t ready.

How would you define your sonic pattern with two words?
Real and random.


How can the music of Sleep With All Your Friends can be wonderfully happy and gloriously sad at the very same time? Is it even possible at all?
Yes. I like songs that seems heavy and dark, with uplifting naive lyrics. Or songs that seems happy-go-lucky with lyrics that’ll punch you in the gut. Not as a rule, but as an option.

Who is your dream collaborator?
I would kill for the job as a percussionist in the band ‘Dr Dog.’ Screw, this is the best band in 30 years.

What is next for you?
We are off to our studio and put on finishing touches on our new album.

Words / Bugu Melis Caglayan

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