Looking at the works of French artist Charlotte Caron, no one could guess that established technique could come out of a young talent who’s just recently graduated. Her works are categorized in four; landscapes, portraits, vanities and anatomy; with the “Portraits” series being the one that strikes more attention nowadays with a combination of the photography and painting disciplines. Creating a mesmerizing hybrid of humans and animals, Caron follows the current -and almost outdated- trend of including animal heads in her art yet still being able to create something unique and original, revealing the duality of the human nature.


What does duality mean to you?
It’s a good question because my teachers already told me about it. There was this time I made two projects being really different at the very same time. One figurative and the other abstract; it was difficult for me to choose one because you have many personalities in you. Apparently one must learn to live with all of them instead of making decisions. I don’t know my duality person though, I paint for discovering it.

Do you believe in reincarnation?
No, I don’t. And I don’t speak about it in my work.



As a basis of hybrid portraits you use photos of real people. Who are they?
Well, my answer may disappoint you. They are not my family or any mysterious famous people -just some class friends because when I made this project, I didn’t have enough time. I needed people in close reach, and I have to admit that they were marvelous models!

In addition to the dual portraits you draw human anatomy. Is it so important to understand the physical and mental nature of people?
At first I worked only the head in the series of “Vanities”; this form and color. The question of physical characteristics has always interested me. That’s why I ended up covering heads with different faces. Every human being has the same anatomy, but each of us is so different outside. So I tried to give an identity for this anatomy along with neutralizing the self by turning it into a stranger. I’m just interested in physical identity and not by mental nature.


What are your common techniques?
In “Portraits”, I used photography and painting. After taking some headshots, I painted their faces, not touching their hair along with some details of the body and clothing. The painting covers the face like a mask, with its own moves and flows.


Are you obsessed with any species?
I don’t know; for my art, all animals seem so interesting. But I have a special thing for feline animals, like tigers or lions. After seeing the paintings of Delacroix, it is impossible to ignore tigers becoming your favorite animal though.

Words / Daria Inskaya

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