What is wrong with Kanye West? It is obvious that there’s nothing wrong with his musical career since he is the “very” proud owner of 18 Grammys, 43 Grammy nominations and many other prestigious awards. But unless you have been living in a cave for the last 10 years, it’s pretty unlikely that you missed all the hype he created -especially in award shows. Not to mention his weakness for big busted, big bottomed women, his disability to be a gentleman and just zip it after a relationship instead of writing songs about them, which results in crazed Kanye fans chasing the ex around, throwing bottles at the poor girl wherever they can spot her. On the surface he may seem like one of the most arrogant, self-centred, superficial rapper you have ever laid eyes on.

However, he has a soft spot which can be witnessed in many of his live performances where West has a tiny nervous breakdown ending with tears, usually when singing about his late mother or what a douchebag he was to all his girlfriends. We don’t know what exactly went wrong while this boy was growing up, but the result is a very talented performer and producer with no actual sense of humour, a huge ego and a great deal of love for family & friends causing him to be more happy than the father-to-be, when his best friend’s wife -um, that girl called BeyoncĂ©, maybe you’ve heard about her?- announced that they were expecting a baby. We’re pretty sure that we saw some tears on that particular occasion too.


Finally, we are grateful that all these mixed personality traits are not getting in the way of Kanye making music and we are ignoring (if not enjoying while making fun of him) almost everything he does except his music -and don’t get us wrong; we are the ones to travel all the way to Helsinki just to watch him live on stage last year. And hell yes it was worth it!

Words / Su Sonia Herring

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