Hardly anyone would dare to say that Peter Gronquist is a typical contemporary artist. His machine guns and grenade launchers with Dolce&Gabbana and Gucci markings both fascinating and shocking. However, as the heads of deer and oxen with golden arms instead of the horn. I cannot vouch for everyone, but certainly most of those who saw the miracles of modern surrealism would like to see Peter’s work on their living room wall. And anyway, that these sculptures caused more confusion and revulsion than awe, as is commonly believed, is a normal classical art must cause.



This is not surprising at all; there is nothing “normal” in today’s world, so a fortiori occurs in the art. We have a lot to say what motivated the American artist Peter Gronquist to create these masterpieces, and how they resonate with the status quo and the consumerist nature of our society. But here comes a dramatic irony; more and more people consume Peter’s work as sculptures, which in turn, defame consumer society itself. In the case of these stuffed animals and weapons, this flaw is ever beautiful and glamorous as such a good reflection of our time.




Words / Daria Inskaya

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