The stylish and colorful rain jackets of Berlin’s very own Chaos in Form have only been wandering around for the last two years, yet their reputation tends to sound much more rooted. A fairly recent discovery of the Fauna, the bold world of Chaos in Form has reminded us the intimidating and irresistible nature of “chaos” itself. Bright neon colors, shiny golds & silvers and monochromatic stripes might not be for everyone; but for those who dare to wear stuff glowing in the dark and already feel themselves stylish in their own skin, these jackets are the perfect supplement.

chaos-in-form-1 chaos-in-form-2

Although the accessories are not even close to the peculiar sense of style of the jackets, there are few rings catching our eye, especially those with the wolf, owl and deer heads. The store is also famous for its custom watches -you can choose between various colors, patterns and styles to create your very own style, and this is a must-see for the watch junkies out there! You can find Chaos in Form in flesh and blood every sunday at the Mauerpark Fleamarket or their store in Falkensteinstrasse -open throughout the week, both in Berlin.

chaos-in-form-4 chaos-in-form-3

Words / Bugu Melis Caglayan

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