Black and white are by far the favorite colors of the French fashion design duo François Alary and Ophélie Klère, who are famous for their avantgarde womenswear line Dévastée. But guess what? This is not our concern right now. The spotlights are currently on their new sub-label, Après la Mort -a unisex, micro collection carrying their signature murkiness and grayscale color palette, meaning “afterlife” in English. Inspired by abandoned houses, American 30’s cartoons and snail shells, there is no doubt that the whole collection is very original and almost quirky -in a good way of course.



Predictably, the visual persona of Après la Mort is very clear; lots of skulls, crosses and a black and white imagery which can be creepy from time to time. These insanely chick pieces are unisex -gender neutrality wins the JACKPOT.





Words / Bugu Melis Caglayan

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