There was a time when high fashion just had to be uncomfortable; and right now, we are living in a time where high fashion frequently makes us look like a homeless person or get stuck in a malfunctioning time machine. But despite all, would you wear anything to be fashionable? Don’t take it as Lady Gaga way of fashion but imagine simpler things like, high rise pants -especially with narrow legs. For instance, why would a girl decide to make her behind look twice the size, her legs shorter than ever because it’s trendy? There is of course a solid reason why those pants are called mom pants, and unfortunately it is springtime and we will be surrounded by plenty in a few days.


Now let’s use some logic; if you are keeping up with fashion trends it’s only normal to assume that you care somewhat about how you look, and since most mainstream trends are much more wearable and easy-on-the-eye than rocking a goth, punk or Lady Gaga look -yes, two Lady Gaga references in one post- it is also logical to assume that you want to look nice and attractive while keeping up with whatever is hot, well presumeably hot let’s say. Now here comes the big question, and me repeating myself… Why would anyone in their right mind wear something that makes you look like you have some cushions hidden on your sides and you’re late pick up your kids from their soccer practice? Honestly, Is this the look you are going for? Because if even the bootylicious Beyonce doesn’t look exactly great in these, most of us are not going to either. There are some people who beg to differ but we’re gonna ignore them and their weird pants! (Yes, there is a website like this -and a supposedly sane human being is paying for this domain apparently.)

Words / Su Sonia Herring

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