The emerging Istanbul-based artist Meriç Canatan blends fashion and art in a rather peculiar way through her amazing technique. These works that evoke frames from a sci-fi movie at first sight adopt a whole different -and bold- view on fashion photography creating a strangely mesmerizing vibe. With a futuristic character built up to a certain level, cut-outs by Meriç Canatan exhibit a delightful paradox free of any technology.



Yet the cut-outs are not all that Canatan’s boundless creativity has to offer since the artist also uses the popular applications, Instagram and Sketch, to create masterpieces on iPad which best prove what better could come out of technology when in right hands. Canatan uses Instagram to shoot the models and Sketch to manipulate the frames creating twenty-first-century works that are just as remarkable as the rest of her cut-outs which have so far received wide coverage in international publications.



Words / Bugu Melis Caglayan

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