We’ve meant to say something about the unnecessary attribution of meanings to contemporary art ever since our visit to this show which was built around a gallon of spoilt milk. Having read Glen Coco’s awesome article on Vice UK, we doubted whether we should still do this or take the word of Glen Coco, but sticking with the original idea seemed like the logical thing to do despite all that.

Now, we’re not trying to put forward an ignorant argument here since what art actually is and what it aims for has been in debate for over a thousand years. But one has to admit that all those conceptual arguments have been consumed to an extreme level ever since Marcel Duchamp’s “The Fountain”; and let’s be honest; beauty is definitely not in the eye of the beholder. Simple shapes, action painting practices and empty canvases can be thrilling to some point -although we have to say that they are SO over right now-, but do you really believe that it is worth thousands, even millions of dollars? What about talent and hard work? In some cases, it is hard to disagree with Walter Benjamin, who strongly defends that no artwork is truly original -and creative- in postmodern era.

Artist's Shit by Piero Manzoni (1961)

Artist’s Shit by Piero Manzoni (1961)

Not into lining several dots of different colors on a single canvas to make a fortune? We regret to inform that you won’t be making any fortune with your overrated art in the near future, and ignore the practices of contemporary art that actually have no meaning at all. “Art distills sensations and embodies it with enhanced meaning” said Jacques Barzun, nearly thirty years ago. Now here we are, with the vast amount of subtexts, connotations and metaphorical meanings; and it is a pity to confess that the whole “decoding” process is only forcefully happening in our head. By the way, please stop the neon shit; seriously… Especially this self-loathing neon art, it is so freakin’ stupid.

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Words / Cem Kaan Gundogar

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