In a concurrent hustle to create a new track using the sounds uploaded to Soundcloud by fans, Clock Opera gets ready to release their new album “Ways to Forget” on April 23 under Moshi Moshi/Island Records. With the London-based musician Guy Connelly in the lead, the band seems determined to bear the fruits of their swift breakthrough with this album.

The reissued version of “Once and for All” -a song well-known for that feeling of hope in the music and disappointment in the lyrics- stands out right away amongst other indie and electronic tracks with similar ambivalence, creating an irresistible urge to loop in the listener. “Lesson No. 7” drowns the electronic base with guitar riffs creating a hardcore, aggressive composition and fails to go above the average as the second track of the album. Chronologically speaking, one could position the slow-paced “11th Hour” somewhere a couple fights ahead of “Once and for All”, and it’s a song about resentment and regret.

“Belongings” following “Man Made” -which is still somewhat on the average- drags the listener around similar themes taking things to the next phase in the brake-up, although it wins the heart with a simplistic piano partition and naïve base. “White Nose” -originally released in November 2009, is another relatively enjoyable song above the average. “A Piece of String” introduces a melodious build-up breaking the routine and bringing back the ecstasy after “Once and for All”. Starring in “The Lost Buoys” is the charming vocals of Guy Connelly. And lastly, making a naïve yet unimpressive full-stop is “Fail Better” coming up right after “Move to the Mountains”.


Clock Opera is a major figure in the current indietronica scene, and the album is still worth a listen despite everything since naive, sad and sanguine tones by the talented Guy Connelly are as genuine as his piercing vocals. And it gets better and better after hearing a couple more times.

Words / Bugu Melis Caglayan


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