“Building Stories”, a graphic novel by Chris Ware, will definitely remind you of movies that focus on multiple intersecting stories at the same time. A publication by Pantheon, the book -quite impressively- reminds the urban crowd over and over again that we are getting involved in and witnessing many other lives all at once, yet that is absolutely not all that the talented author Ware has to offer. Introducing readers to the residents of a 3-story building, the book re-reveals familiar figures through ignored scenarios and sticks neither to a fixed beginning nor an end. The reason is obvious; life in the city and the buildings keeps going day and night.



To put it without any exaggeration, the talented Ware deserves a round of applause for an innovative graphic vision that manages to reflect in such an accurate and clear fashion a genre which is just getting shaped. If you’re wondering how you can tell comics from graphic novels and how drawing lines could be so maturely and humorously incorporated in a city story, get a copy right away and get ready to step into a world literally shaped by flawless lines.



You can buy the book from Amazon for $50.

Words / Cem Kaan Gundogar

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