Philadelphia-based DJ and producer Thomas Wesley Pentz aka Diplo is one of the most inspiring figures of today’s electronic music scene. Ending up on stages after finding out about his talent while working as a class teacher, Pentz has become quite popular for collaborations with people like Beyoncé, Usher and M.I.A. Now he greets fans with the book “128 Beats Per Minute,” dedicated to the Diplo legend.


Decorated with a preamble by the renowned fashion designer Alexander Wang and photos by Shane McCanley, the book is almost like a delightful journey shedding light on different periods of Diplo’s musical career like Jamaica dub reggae and Tel Aviv electro. Demonstrating the journeys of the successful musician with melodies that he’s brought along, the book is quite colorful with frequently featured playlists and tweets.


You can buy the book from Urban Outfitters for $29.95.

Words / Cem Kaan Gundogar

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